October 31, 2018 . 12 min read

Crypto Chat #61


Dear readers,

Some exciting news to share: starting from next week, CryptoChat will narrow its focus, moving away from content aggregation towards a more targeted and analytical approach.

This will likely come in the form of weekly/bi-weekly data-driven ‘Op-Ed’-style pieces, similar to my previously published works, Bitcoin: Disinflating to Death, EOS: Don’t Believe The Hype, and Introducing: Fee Ratio Multiple.

The transition will undoubtedly be an iterative process, but in the near term you can expect meditations and – depending on my mood – diatribes on security, governance, distribution, and the most exciting emerging innovations.

This thematic metamorphosis is largely a reaction to the shifting structure of the crypto asset media landscape.

160,000 words ago, when I first started writing CryptoChat, keeping up to date with the latest developments in the rapidly expanding blockchain ecosystem required diligent familiarity with a variety of platforms: Reddit, Twitter, Telegram, Slack, Medium and BitcoinTalk to name but a few.

This fragmentation lent itself well to the ‘decentralized’ ethos, and yet discriminated against those who were curious to learn but unable to dedicate hours, days, and weeks of their lives to sorting through ‘noise’ in search of ‘signal’.

CryptoChat was an attempt to fill this chasm, collecting the most pertinent industry developments and curating the most thought-provoking opinion pieces across a broad range of subjects.

As many of you will have noticed, the industry’s media landscape has since been transformed and professionalized, as evidenced by the proliferation of newsletters and podcasts and the emergence of VC-backed news organizations. CryptoChat, which I continue to research, write, and fund myself, now competes directly with well-capitalized teams of writers, editors, and designers!

I wholeheartedly applaud the increasing professionalization of the industry media landscape: the ultimate goal is, and has always been, to increase transparency and accessibility, and competition necessarily engenders quality in those arenas.

While this maturation detracts from the marginal utility that I can provide as a source of information, it also opens up the opportunity to shift my focus to opinion and analysis-orientated writing, areas in which I think this industry is still underserved.

I have one request: if there are particular topics — preferably controversial in nature – that you would like me to address, please feel free to drop me an email at [email protected].

And please continue, as usual, to provide critical feedback and counterarguments to my content: the newsletter has always been as much a tool for my own learning as it has been a platform to share information with my subscriber base, and I am greatly appreciative for all the interactions I have had to date.

In the meantime, it is only right that I leave you with a list of alternative news sources. My top three picks would have to be: Token Economy, Iterative Capital, and Long Read Sundays, but I have listed a couple more quality options for your perusal below.



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